Based on the “HIS Group Purpose”, which indicates the significance of our existence in society, and the “HIS Group Value”, which is our action guideline for realizing our purpose, we aim to maximize the provision of value to everyone.


HIS Group Purpose

Unleash your feeling “KOKORO ODORU”
: Being interested, excited, and having a desire

Encounters with uncharted worlds, connections with people, enriched times, “Waku-waku” (Excitement), elation, and thoughts on peace.
– We unleash our “KOKORO ODORU” feelings and always are challengers to create a new world.

What went into HIS Group Purpose
We formulated this Purpose based on our trajectory since our founding, which has always been about unleashing encounters with the unknown and questioning the status quo through travel, and our identity of always being a company that takes on new challenges.
We will continue to bring the world closer together and provide new value by creating diverse encounters and connections, creating rich and irreplaceable moments, and promoting mutual understanding.

HIS Group Value

Adventure and Challenge

Does this challenge provide the chance for passionate pursuit, similar to embarking on an exciting adventure?

Speed and Agility

Do you possess both the capacity for linear speed and the ability to demonstrate flexible agility?

Balance and Morals

Too much can be just as bad as too little. Do you consider balance and moral standards in your decisions?

Brightness and Liveliness

People gather where there is liveliness. Are you able to act with a positive attitude in any situation?

HIS Group Code of Conduct

We hereby swear to observe all laws and regulations including international rules and to act with good social morals and sincerity following eight principles. If anything is against this Code, we must investigate the cause and handle the disclosing of information, making clear the responsibility and liability to prevent these occasions from reoccurring.
All the management and executive officers are responsible for remaining truthful to this Cord, maintaining corporate organizational structure, and taking the initiative in carrying out and accomplishing these responsibilities.

1. Provide useful products and services to society

We will try our best to develop and provide useful products and services for our customers with passion and sincerity, paying full attention to safety and security for their satisfaction and trust.

2. Lead fair, transparent free trade

When selling and providing products and services to our customers, or purchasing necessary products, or receiving services from others, we will lead fair, transparent free trade and firmly stand against any unhealthy or corrupt business practices.

3. Handle information properly and sincere communication

We will fully understand the value and importance of personal information including customers and stakeholders. We will always handle it correctly, and we will not utilize the information in a way to damage this value. The information will be provided in an accurate, fair and timely manner to stakeholders with sincere communication.

4. Secure a comfortable and safe working environment

Employees must respect each other’s personality and uniqueness and make their best efforts to develop useful travel products and services. Employees must draw a line between public and private matters, securing fairness in our work environment and prohibiting any unpleasant conduct. We must try to create a clean and safe, pleasant and vigorous, fresh and rich working environment for everyone.

5. Respect diversity, personality, and originality

We will commit management with respecting all human rights internationally recognized thereby overcoming the differences of nationality, race and religion.

6. Coexist with the local area and community

To keep good communication with the region and the community, we will contribute to them by our company’s growth and prosperity. In addition, we will implement thorough organizational crisis management in preparation for the actions of anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of society, terrorism, cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

7. Preserve the global environment

To take care of the global environment, we will make efforts to coexist with the environment through our business activities by saving energy, reducing waste, promoting recycling, and eliminating unnecessities.

8. Hope for world peace

We will promote world peace by providing opportunities for more people to understand and respect customs and cultures around the world.

Founding Spirit

Respect the flow and the principle of Nature
Always be polite and modest
Understand that there are two sides to everything
Always do your best
Learn, study and persevere during challenging times