Hideo Sawada

Looking toward the near future.

Thank you very much for your patronage. We are deeply thankful for the kind words we receive every day from our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
Supporting travelers
The HIS adventure started in December 1980 with two desks and a telephone. We have since initiated changes, taken on challenges, built a future, and evolved and progressed to suit the times. When the company was founded, the travel environment was not something everyone could enjoy. Our mission was to revolutionize the travel environment. We wanted more people to travel the world, we wanted people to see the world and use their experiences to better themselves and society, and we wanted people to have their experiences of the world open new doors. These founding principles and the spirit of HIS remain unchanged now and for the future. We shall continue our mission to create an environment conducive for people around the world to get closer to each other and believe in their potential as they travel.
Thoughts about world peace
Everyone thinks that it is ideal to have a world without conflicts. However, the reality is that conflicts are constantly occurring. The cause of these conflicts is often difficult to understand unless you are there or involved. We believe our services can bridge different countries and peoples and present opportunities for cultural exchanges and sharing ideas to deepen mutual understanding. People are the ones who can contribute to the development of the country, and people who can make the world peaceful. To this end, it is necessary to promote mutual understanding through people meeting each other and to facilitate reforms in daily life to prevent conflict-causing problems. We shall continue to spread people’s smiles across the world.
Always seeking new challenges
With revolutionary technologies such as AI and measures to protect the environment, the world’s social values are changing. Such changes will continue to accelerate. The world has accepted various changes in the past to become what it is today. HIS has also constantly made carefully crafted proposals to bring about positive changes in the world. Contributing to people’s creative development also contributes to world peace. We shall implement this idea steadily and strive to be a beloved company even 10, 50, and 100 years from now.
After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have again realized how big the tourism industry’s role is, and the great passion people have for traveling. Such a humbling thought. We ask for your continued understanding and support for the HIS Group. Thank you very much.

February 2024
Top adviser
Hideo Sawada