As a company that provides travel services that captivates our customers, we consider both the ‘information’ we hold, including the contact details we receive from our customers, and the ‘information systems’ such as computers and networks through which this information is distributed, as important assets (hereafter referred to as ‘information assets’). In order to protect these ‘information assets’ from all threats and to achieve appropriate safe management, we recognise that ensuring information security is an important responsibility.

Based on this, we have established the following five information security policies, which are observed and practised by all employees, including the directors.

  1. The Company shall establish an organisational and technical management system to ensure information security, prevention of unauthorised access to and/or leakage of information assets, and safely and appropriately managing and operating information assets.
  2. The Company shall comply with all laws, regulations and other requirements relating to information security.
  3. The Company shall conduct educational activities for all employees to make them aware of the importance of information security and ensure that they are aware of the proper handling of information assets.
  4. The Company shall respond promptly to any information security incidents and take measures to prevent recurrence.
  5. The Company shall establish a system for objectively evaluating the rationality of information security measures, conduct regular reviews and implement continuous improvement measures.


Established: 13th October 2009
Amended: 19th December 2022

H.I.S. Co., Ltd.
Motoshi Yada