Hideo Sawada

Towards the future ahead.

Adventure for the young generation.
In 2020, H.I.S. celebrates 40 years since its establishment.
Starting from only two desks and a single phone, traveling at the time was not as easy for everyone to enjoy. Since then, we have been operating for 40 years with the mission to reform this situation. Today, we have over 17,000 people in more than 70 countries working together with us.
Looking back, the environment surrounding travel has changed drastically, and I feel that we are now in an era of great change.
One thing that has not changed over 40 years and will not change in the future as well, are the potentials of the young generation.
My wish since establishment, is to have more young people discover new possibilities by travelling overseas and by supporting those who seek for an adventure, I will continue to pursue the mission to make travel enjoyable for everyone. And by doing so, I hope to close the distance between people all over the world.

World peace.
There is no conflict in an ideal world.
However, in reality, various conflicts constantly occur.
I believe many of these conflicts are lead by misunderstandings of each other.
Our business can connect people from different worlds, create opportunities for cultures and ideas to intersect.
As we provide more chances for people to connect, the deeper mutual understanding will be.
It is people that bring peace to countries, peace to the world. In order to do so, it is essential to promote interaction between people, to create innovation in conflicts of daily life.
We will continue to work on spreading the circle of smiles to the world.

Always a challenger, to be forever incomplete.
The world has accepted various changes and is what we have today. At H.I.S., rather than just witnessing such changes, we wish to suggest changes to make the world better.
H.I.S. has spun out each change we could make and will continue to do so in the future.
Contributing to the creative development of mankind also contributes to world peace.
We will continue to challenge ourselves for the next 100 years, 200 years, and 300 years to become a company loved by everyone in the world.
I would like to kindly request for your ongoing understanding and support towards H.I.S. and the H.I.S. group.

Hideo Sawada
Chairman, President and CEO