Aiming to become a creative company of the future

Our company started with only two desks and one telephone. Our core business was the overseas travel industry from Japan. Our success has continually grown, which has allowed us to expand into other industries such as hotels, airlines and theme parks, for our customers’ delight and excitement.

In 2010, the Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki theme park became a part of the H.I.S Group, not only did we revived it but we have also transformed it into a touristic city destination by launching the Henn na Hotel – a promise of continuous change, focusing on energy and services provided by robots. We also have developed the robotics industry on the site and plan to farm crops with the highest productivity in the world.

While the world’s population constantly increases, the Japanese population is decreasing. Such global changes will accelerate in the future. In order to prepare ourselves and secure a prosperous future, the H.I.S. group aims to become company creating a future that will tackle the unknown and contribute to world peace.

代表画像 Chairman(CEO)
Hideo Sawada