Aiming to become a creative, future-oriented company

H.I.S. started with only two desks and one telephone, with a core business focused on overseas travel from Japan. Our ongoing success has enabled us to expand into other businesses including hotels, theme parks, and energy, with the aim of providing customers with’delight and excitement.

In 2010, the Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki theme park became a part of the H.I.S Group. We not only revived this theme park, we also transformed it into a tourist destination with the launch of the Henn na Hotel. This property promises continuous change, focusing on energy and services provided by robots. We also achieved advances in  the robotics industry through the development of this business, which we plan to implement in agriculure to raise crops with the highest productivity in the world.

Although the global population is rising, the Japanese population is declining. These and other global changes are expected to accelerate in the future. To prepare ourselves and ensure a prosperous future, the H.I.S. Group aims to become a creative, future-oriented company that pioneers new frontiers and contributes to world peace.

代表画像 Chairman(CEO)
Hideo Sawada