Hideo Sawada

Dear our valued clients and stakeholders

I would like to take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the warm messages we are receiving from our customers, HIS stakeholders, and shareholders, while COVID-19 continues to affect our lives in many ways.

We came to rediscover that those little but irreplaceable values that HIS Group has cherished since our founding are eternal joy for humankind; smiles of people, moving emotions, surprises to the wonder of the world, excitement for the unknown, feeling for majesty of nature and even those nights too excited to sleep.

Looking back our history, HIS has had many trials and tribulations, but we are here now after overcoming many adversities.
Outbreak of COVID-19 was the most challenging adversity that we never faced before, but gave us a chance to evolve and develop bigger and we will keep moving forward to the future.

Amid this global crisis, I have reaffirmed the great passion that our customers have for travel, and it makes me keenly aware of what an important role the tourism industry plays in people’s lives.
While the future remains unpredictable, HIS Group must come together to evolve like never before, plunging boldly into the unknown with resilience. Then in the future we look back and say, “That was when everything changed for the better and that definitely was our turning point.”

Your continued support of our mission is deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear all HIS personnel and staff members

We should keep in mind that we have many friends and allies. Those around us give us the strength.
HIS will succeed if we all keep believing in the future of HIS. And those words we hear from our customers, clients and many others who support HIS Group are always the words of encouragements to all of us. Staying persistent shall turn the adversity into a success.

No matter what circumstances we may face, challenges taken are always the source of the evolution.
It is how we live in such environment and crossroads. This is a golden opportunity to explore what can be done, reflecting deeply on the possibilities to live our best for what we can achieve today: for our customers, for everyone who supports us, for the industry, for your loved ones, and most importantly, for yourself.

Perseverance will accomplish all things.
This is how we will blaze a trail for the future.

Change & Create; always be a challenger

March 2022
Chairman and CEO
Hideo Sawada
Motoshi Yada

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, at this stage it hasn’t come to an end yet. However, the outpouring of support from our customers, business partners and shareholders has been very encouraging for us, as we continue to weather this storm. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Effective 1st March, alongside chairman Sawada, I have been appointed to the post of representative director and will concurrently serve as president. For my part, I am keenly aware of the magnitude and gravity of this responsibility. We intend to devote ourselves fully to helping the company grow further through leaps and bounds.

Firstly, regarding the incident involving the receipt of fraudulent travel subsidies under the GoTo Travel Campaign last December, allow me to sincerely apologize for the concerns and inconvenience this has caused you all. In addition to investigating the details of this incident, we are working hard to prevent its recurrence by strengthening governance, such as establishing internal rules and improving the effectiveness of internal audits. I consider it my personal mission right now to rectify our performance as a business and restore confidence in our name.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the HIS Group to tackle adversity unlike anything to date. Under the creed of chairman Sawada, which states that "Crisis is an opportunity," the HIS Group has prevailed and thrived through occasions like the SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) pandemic, 9/11, and the global economic crisis. That being the case, we should certainly be able to turn the current COVID-19 pandemic into a source of opportunity.

People's values have certainly changed in various ways over the years, with commentators noting that consumption has shifted from physical objects to experiences and events, and from experiences to participation in singular "moments" with other people. In today's day and age, where nearly every imaginable product is obtainable, people have migrated towards the pursuit of emotional wellbeing and satisfaction through unique experiences. As this focus on experiences becomes more mainstream, consumers are increasingly seeking out new values through singular "moments" that are unique to them. Travel is the foremost instance of this preference for "experiences" and "moments”, and in a post-COVID age the market for travel will remain vast.

March 2022
President and COO
Motoshi Yada