Motoshi Yada

We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who lost their lives in the Noto Peninsula earthquake and our heartfelt sympathy to all those affected by the disaster. We also pray from the bottom of our hearts that those who are living in the affected areas will be able to return to living a safe and peaceful life as soon as possible.
One year has passed since the HIS Group Purpose (raison d’etre), “Unleash your excitement KOKORO ODORU”, was established in December 2022. The HIS Group Purpose reaffirms our founding principles and the value we provide, and is intended to unify our intentions throughout the Group to set the standard for corporate management in the future. Over the past year, the permeation of the HIS Group Purpose within the Group has progressed steadily, and as a result of a renewed awareness of our raison d’etre and the positive attitude of each and every staff member towards their work, we were able to return to profitability in the previous fiscal year (43rd fiscal year) after three consecutive fiscal years of operating losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.
HIS Group was founded in 1980 to offer low-cost airline tickets, and has popularized overseas travel, which was expensive at the time, at affordable prices. We have helped countless people to have exciting experiences, including encountering the unknown and forming connections with people. We are currently working on developing travel-related businesses, including hotel, regional development, and insurance, as well as diversifying into education, food and beverage, trading, temporary staffing, and telecommunication services businesses. HIS Group will continue to work on the first phase of our medium-term management plan (fiscal year ending October 2024~fiscal year ending October 2026), part of our ideal Vision 2030: Change & Create – Be the preferred company of choice, full of enterprising spirit and bringing the world together, which was unveiled as the future vision of HIS Group for 2030, the 50th anniversary of our founding. The approaches of the medium-term management plan are based on the dual axes of improving our core areas and tackling new challenges, with the creation of lifelong customers, utilization of global networks, and human capital management as the engines that drive our key strategies. Our goal is to exceed our performance in the fiscal year ending October 31, 2019, including divested businesses, by the final year, the fiscal year ending October 31, 2026. Through the permeation and establishment of the HIS Group Philosophy and our approaches to Vision 2030, and the realization of our medium-term management plan as a means to achieve this, we will provide “unleash your excitement KOKORO ODORU” value to a wide range of stakeholders.
We will continue to make company-wide efforts to develop the Group in order to become a corporate group that continues to be the preferred group of choice for our sustained growth and fulfillment of our social responsibilities. We look forward to your continued encouragement and support.

February 2024
Motoshi Yada