Travel Agencies

Domestic Group Companies

  • H.I.S. Co., Ltd.

    H.I.S. Co., Ltd.

    The excitement of Travelling to new destination is the amazement of seeing and experiencing new things for the first time. These are the true purpose of Travelling. We at HIS believe, through our prominent travel service, we can let you feel the venture of travelling around the world encounter with unknown which is “ The power of Travel ”



    A multilingual travel agency.
    Become the No.1 Agency for Expats in Japan with efficiency and creativity.



    Catering to domestic travel with a theme of “fulfilling your dreams and expectations”. Reasonably priced and flexible, sports related tours such as ski and diving tours and bus routes connecting Tokyo and the surrounding area to Kansai and Nagoya.

  • Cruise Planet Co.,Ltd.

    Cruise Planet Co.,Ltd.

    “Cruise Planet” is a Cruise Company that specializes in the provision of luxurious cruises at a reasonable price. Cruise Planet provides for and plans anything from casual to luxury around-the- world cruises, escort accompanied tours, honeymoons and onboard weddings.

  • Ohshu Express Ltd.

    Ohshu Express Ltd.

    80 kinds of rail passes for 32 countries can be booked our online-largest selection in Japan. We also provides local tour services in Australia, Bali Island, Guam, Thailand and South Korea.

  • QUALITA Co.,Ltd.

    QUALITA Co.,Ltd.

    Qualita provides quality travel with a superior class of hospitality, including business- and first-class accommodations and music-appreciation tours.

  • Japan Holiday Travel Co., Ltd.

    Japan Holiday Travel Co., Ltd.

    It is a travel agency that specializes in inbound.
    Handling to China is top class in Japan, and connecting with kind of tourist facilities in Japan, we will plan, propose and support a wide range of trips to travel agencies in Asian.

  • INTERPARK Tour Japan Co., Ltd.

    INTERPARK Tour Japan Co., Ltd.

    Interpark tour japan is the joint venture which Korean major internet shopping mall Interpark and HIS established.Interpark has been industry leader in the online shopping business, and marked top online sales in Korean travel market. As joint venture of these 2company, we offer land service for Japan trip of Korean, with handling from FIT to group and corporation team.

  • H.I.S. Okinawa Co., Ltd.

    H.I.S. Okinawa Co., Ltd.

    We, HIS Okinawa is a company was newly founded in November 2017. We will create valuable travel contents in Okinawa and improve customer satisfaction by spreading the charm of Okinawa, We aim to contribute to the local community of Okinawa.

Overseas Group Companies

  • Group Miki Holdings Limited

    Group Miki Holdings Limited

    Celebrating 50th anniversary, since 1967 Group MIKI is a global B2B tour operator and wholesaler with branch offices in over 30 cities around the world. Covering global destinations, we provide the highest quality of travel services at competitive pricing and superior availability

  • Merit Travel Group

    Merit Travel Group

    Merit Travel Group established based in Toronto in 1991 has grown to become one of the largest independent travel companies in Canada.More than 450 Merit Travel professionals located in offices across the country provide high-value services in terms of leisure, business and loyalty program to 350,000 Canadian Travelers every year.

  • Jonview Canada Inc.

    Jonview Canada Inc.

    Jonview Canada is Canada’s leading receptive operator, providing a full range of travel products and services to the international Tour Operator community. For more than 35 years we have developed relationships that now include over 2000 Canadian suppliers. We welcome over 300,000 visitors annually.

  • H.I.S.-Red Label Vacations Inc.

    H.I.S.-Red Label Vacations Inc.

    Red Label Vacations is a Canadian travel company, with operating segments split into wholesale and retail, the retail division (including redtag.ca and itravel2000.com) offers diverse products to travellers including destination packages, flights and hotels worldwide, excursions and more.The wholesale travel business provides a full range of travel products to Canadian travel agents. It is a comprehensive one-stop shop for agents.



    FLY HUB is a prominent online travel company that arranges an “Exclusively Top in Class” customer experience with the objective to be “worldwide best Travel Planner.” By visiting our FLY HUB website, our mobile applications and our accompanying platforms, holidays, and business travelers can discover inquiry, relate, and book a varied variety of services catering to their travel essentials.

Theme Park

  • Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.

    Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.

    Since our opening in 1992, we have been proposing and propelling the creation of a town which aims at the “co-existence between ecology and economy”. And we have made a fresh start as a member of the HIS group as from April 2010.
    From now on, we intend to develop into a more active and lively theme park featuring the concept, “flowers and nature”, “entertainment” and “health and beauty” which will help satisfy our customers furthermore. At the same time, we will endeavor to become the world number one tourism and business city in the future.

  • Laguna Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.

    Laguna Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.

    You may enjoy the nature-rich complex type resort among the coast of Mikawa bay, full with entertainment, gourmet, and shopping.




    This is a tourist company offering safe, comfortable transportation and accommodation to ensure a pleasant trip in Kumamoto. The company will forge close links with Kumamoto, expand its business scope throughout Kyushu, Japan and the world, and continue to tackle new things with the theme of “Deeply in Kyushu, Widely in the World, and More with You”.


  • hapi-robo st, Inc.

    hapi-robo st, Inc.

    "Hapi-robo st" is the robot company that makes a future where people become happier as people, provides technologies, supports experimentation and improvement, develops human resources from excavation and incubation of robot manufactures and related companies We have partners all over the world. Also focusing on industry-university collaboration, standardization with industry groups, infrastructure development, and market formation.


  • H.S. Insurance Co., Ltd.

    H.S. Insurance Co., Ltd.

    A non-life insurance company that provides goods and services, mainly overseas travel insurance and domestic travel insurance, through branches of a travel agency and the Internet. Beyond the conventional insurance framework such as compensation for risk, we have a mission of "Making people happy by freeing them from risk", and we are aiming to be a company selected from people all over the world.

Other Businesses

  • HIS Design and Plus Co., Ltd.

    HIS Design and Plus Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1949 as an advertising firm handling government advertising. Today, 70 years after its establishment, the company is actively engaged in new areas of activity, including advertising strategy planning and production, research and analysis, promotion, and exhibition planning and implementation.

  • Cross E Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Cross E Holdings Co., Ltd.

    The holding company is comprised of two operating companies: HTB Technical Center Co., Ltd., which manages facilities, makes energy-saving proposals, and performs various types of construction work, and Nishinihon Engineering Co., Ltd. We are working to improve and build sustainable social infrastructures to ensure safety and security in daily life.
    >> HTB Technical Center Co., Ltd.
    >> Nishinihon Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • SYS Inc.

    SYS Inc.

    We offer direct sales support services for accommodations under the theme "Changes in reservations. Changes in the future."
    Our reservation system OPTIMA is the industry's No1. intstalled and connected media.
    We continue to grow as we are chosen by accommodations throughout Japan.

  • Canadian College and The Canadian College of English Language

    Canadian College and The Canadian College of English Language

    Established in 1991, we are home to a diverse group of students from around the world. With an average enrolment of 1000 students, the College offers a wide range of Diploma and Certificate programs in areas such as Business, International Trade, Hospitality, Information Technology and Health Care. Students at CCEL attend full and part-time English programs through an innovative learning platform called SMRT English.

  • H.I.S. Mobile Co.,Ltd.

    H.I.S. Mobile Co.,Ltd.

    The communication environment is indispensable for both travel and daily life. We will provide inexpensive and convenient communication equipment and services.



    "GREEN OCEAN" is a job placement agency that focus on agriculture and accommodation business.
    In agriculture, our business model is to supply the labor force to the farmers which have the labor shortage problems and to help their cultivations and plantings on season. As our goal, through solving the labor shortage problems we strongly wish that contributes to improving the vitality of Japanese agriculture in the future.

New Project

  • Web3.0・Virtual Project

    Web3.0・Virtual Project

    HIS which has provided travel aims to create new customer experience-based value, revitalize local communities, and develop our solutions by using cutting edge of technology such as blockchain(NFT, etc.), virtual world(avatar), metaverse, etc.
    >> Web3.0・Virtual Project

  • Glamping Facility Management

    Glamping Facility Management

    Our slogan is "to bring smiles to people's faces through rich experiences in nature."
    We will build a cooperative system with the local government and contribute to the local community to create a hopeful future.
    First of all, we will open a glamping facility exclusively for dog owners to spend time with their dogs. We will meet the needs of our customers who want to travel with their dogs.