Providing a Site That Offers Carbon Offsets

The HIS America subsidiary launched its new brand Copolo in September 2021. The site allows residents of the United States and Canada to make online travel reservations. Travelers can calculate the carbon dioxide footprint of their flights, hotels stays, and rental car trips. Customers can then select a carbon offset option when booking their trip, seamlessly offsetting the carbon footprint of their journey.
In recognition of these efforts, the company received the Travel & Hospitality Corporate Innovation Award at the Winter Summit 2021 event held by Plug and Play at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

In partnership with CHOOOSE™ (Headquarters: Oslo, Norway, a climate change startup company, travelers can calculate carbon dioxide emissions from their own trips for each flight, hotel, and rental car. When you book your trip, you can include the carbon offset option and we will provide you with a plan to offset the carbon emissions of your trip accordingly. Funds received will be used to support projects that reduce, capture or avoid carbon emissions via CHOOOSE™.