Online Work Tour Project

It has been claimed that a disparity in children's experiences has arisen due to the COVID pandemic, which led to the cancellation of school events across the board, and dealt severe damage to the economy and employment, resulting in a disparity in household income. Childhood experiences are cumulative and have a significant impact on the future, so the "Social Good Team", formed by volunteer members from HIS' official online travel community 「TABIFLEEEEEK」, has launched a project to help alleviate this social issue, by providing free invitations to visit workplaces online. We are now offering the opportunity to visit a workplace online for free and allowing children to participate in this project from anywhere in the world by connecting online, where they can learn about a wide range of jobs. We hope that children, as the bearers of our future, will have a wide range of choices, gain the correct knowledge, and encounter a variety of industries beyond what they can learn at school or at home, allowing them to dream about their futures.

[First event]
Dates: Wednesday, August 17th - Sunday, August 21st, 2022
Age range of children: 5 to 8 years old
Exhibitors: Restaurateurs, dental hygienists, nature guides, long-established pork bun artisans, teppan craftsman, Cake shop, airline, architecture ,real estate, make-smile artist

[Second event]
Dates: Wednesday, January 4th – Monday, January 9th, 2023
Age range of children: 5 to 12 years old
Exhibitors: TV stations, travel agencies, cake shops, aquariums, airlines, sake breweries & organic lemon growers, restaurateurs, long-established pork bun makers, nature guides, Buddhist priests

Testimonials from children and parents who participated in the program
Testimonials from children and parents who participated in the program

・I had never seen a monk's work up close, but I was intrigued when he took me inside the temple. I was surprised at how spacious the temple was. His daily schedule was full, and I could see that it is a hard job from early in the morning.
(Program attended: Resident priest)

・It was a very fulfilling experience for us, being able to enjoy the feeling of traveling while also having the opportunity to see what they do from the comfort of home. Our children have never been on an airplane before, so at first, they were simply happy to see the inside of an airplane. But after participating in the event, they were impressed by the variety of work that goes into preparing for and welcoming guests. Thank you for the wonderful experiences and memories during the winter break.
(Program attended: Airline company)

・The announcer was so articulate! Easy to listen to! Lovely and kind, and funny too! It reminded me once again of how amazing it is to be a professional. I was also grateful to learn that various people share various jobs and support each other while making the program. Thank you very much for the fun time.
(Program attended: TV station)

Testimonials from exhibitors who presented their jobs
Testimonials from exhibitors who presented their jobs

・The opportunity to see children listening intently about their work is very valuable. I feel that I was able to contribute to increasing the options for the future in response to the desire to learn of children who have a bright future.
(Exhibitor: TV station)

・The children's curiosity and pure and innocent questions was very refreshing. Amid my busy daily routine, I now feel like I can go back to the original reason of why I do the work I do and can be proud to be able to tell people about my job. It was a great opportunity for us to be reminded of what we are teaching our children.
(Exhibitor: Pork bun artisan)

・I thought it was very important to think about what children are interested in, how to introduce them to our jobs, and to let them understand that it is one of their options for the future. I was nervous but enjoyed it, it was nice to see them respond so positively.
(Exhibitor: Restaurateur)

Testimonials from TABIFLEEEEEK, HIS' official online travel community, Social Good Team members who managed the project
Testimonials from TABIFLEEEEEK, HIS' official online travel community, Social Good Team members who managed the project

・When children are absorbed in their work with a goal in mind, their faces are serious, focused, and smiling, and they are full of hope. I would be very happy if more children find their own goals by learning about careers and jobs they do not know about yet, through the online job tour.
(Occupation: UX designer)

・My own experience with dental care as a child led me to become a dental hygienist, and here I am today. I am sure that it will eventually lead to a wide range of dreams and goals. It would be such a wonderful thing if, in the future, we could hear that this online tour was the reason why they decided to pursue this profession.
(Occupation: Dental Hygienist)

・We want children to have a variety of experiences, because you cannot dream of a profession you don't know about. "There is a world like this!", "I didn't know was such a job existed!", I believe that when they are able to learn about something they did not know, a dream or goal may be born, and one day it will become a reality. That is why we want to offer this experience to as many children as possible free of charge and let them choose as they wish.
(Occupation: Doctor)