Supporting Kumamoto’s fisheries workers suffering from reputational damage

In April 2022, the Kyushu Sanko Group held a five-day tasting sale of clams from Kumamoto Prefecture at SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto, in order to support the Kumamoto fisheries industry, which is suffering from reputational damage.
In fiscal 2022, according to the Prefectural Federation of Fisheries, 1,930 kg of clams shipped to the prefecture were returned and had to be re-released,and bidding meetings for clams, which are usually held twice a month, were frequently canceled, causing enormous reputational damage.
In response to this situation, as a support for the local fisheries industry, with the support of Kumamoto Prefecture and the Prefectural Federation of Fisheries, we held a tasting and sales event of clams and clams from the Ariake Sea, and sold out a total of 900 kg in five days.
In addition, in the Group's food and beverage business, we provided dishes using clams from Kumamoto Prefecture as ingredients. The most important achievement was that we received voices of joy from the people of Kumamoto Prefecture, fisheries federations, fisheries cooperatives, and people involved in the fishing industry through this event,and above all, we received voices of joy from our customers. We will continue to do our utmost to support Kumamoto Prefecture's industrialists, prosper together with the local community as a "Kumamoto Contributing Company," and contribute to the development of society.