Providing Stays That Consider the Global Environment

HIS Hotel Holdings, within the major commercial resort facility VISON located in Mie Prefecture, operates the lodging facilities HOTEL VISON and Hatago VISON, which, under the concept of "play in the wild, learn in the wild", provide places to connect mind and body with the natural environment.
To help protect and grow the forests of Mie, our hotel uses Sugi and Hinoki wood from Mie Prefecture. Furthermore, by also using wood from Mie when performing maintenance, we can regularly use local wood materials and contribute to a sustainable green ecosystem. In recognition of these activities, the Mie prefectural government awarded the hotel a "Kizukai Declaration" registration certificate in December 2021.
Furthermore, comforters and pillows in our facilities use padding made from marine plastic that is produced by the German company ADVANSA. The raw material comes from PET flakes produced by Plastic Bank (a social enterprise that works with marine plastic and strives to create jobs for the poor). We also use organic cotton towels and amenities which, by using raw materials containing natural straw, reduce environmental load and decrease plastic usage by 40%.