Crowdfunding Business

In April 2022, HIS collaborated with the company which operates "CAMPFIRE" (Headquarters: Shibuya ward, Tokyo), Japan's largest crowdfunding site to launch a support site that connects challengers and supporters through crowdfunding, with the concept "Bringing the World Closer! Invigorating Japan!"
In response to the need for "supportive consumption", the desire to support and help someone in a situation where interaction with people in distant places is becoming increasingly fragmented due to the prolonged COVID pandemic, HIS has launched "I’m in!", a crowdfunding site that connects hard-working people with those who want to support them, utilizing its overseas and domestic networks. We can provide our support to the world's many exciting challenges, the courage to face difficulties, and the dedication to continue working hard without being noticed.
HIS aims to create a sustainable future, by connecting hard-working people with supporters who share their aspirations, and by providing support to help their projects succeed. At the same time, we hope to contribute to our corporate philosophy of "promoting world peace and mutual understanding", by in bringing voices from around the world and closing the distance between Japan and other countries.

[Example project]
The challenges of Japanese-speaking Kenyan guides! We want to create a safe place for African children to study.
Engkong Narok Village, a Maasai village at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is one of the minority villages where the traditional lifestyle is still carried on. The village's industry, 80% of which is based on tourism, has suffered greatly because of COVID. We have launched a project to build a classroom where children in the village, who study in old dugouts or outdoors, can study safely.
<Overview of Implementation>
We build classrooms where children can study regardless of the weather conditions. Supporters will be kept informed of the progress of the classroom building project and how it is being completed.

※This project reached its goal of 6 million yen in May 2022.