“Lagunasia” started providing a barbecue “Earth-friendly SDGs course meal” using plant-based meat

Recently, the demand for alternative foods is expanding due to the rising SDGs and health consciousness. The modern food system has a major impact on environmental problems such as global warming, and plant-based alternative foods are one of the keys to realizing a sustainable society.
Lagunasia, operated by Laguna Ten Bosch, has started offering the “Earth-Friendly SDGs Course”, a barbecue course for schools that uses “NEXT short ribs 2.0”.
NEXT short ribs 2.0 is a plant-based alternative meat produced by Next Meets Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) which develops, plans, and manufactures alternative meat. Compared with conventional products, the increased protein content has led to the improvement of the texture and increase in size. In addition, due to the ingenuity of seasoning, there is no soybean scent, and you can enjoy it as a delicious alternative meat. By comparison with general beef short ribs, it has nearly one-eighth the fat and contains an estimated more than twice as the protein, making it attractive in terms of nutrition.
The "Earth-Friendly SDGs Course" is a plan which includes a lecture on "plant-based meat" and "environment" before the meal, and you can taste plant-based meat and real meat, comparing both. While enjoying a meal as a barbecue, we aim to offer an opportunity to think more closely about environmental issues through alternative foods.