We are actively engaging in a range of talent training and social initiatives in order to bring up the next generation and support the achievement of a sustainable society.

Industry-academia partnershipExpansion of the travel marketPractice of diversity and inclusionContribution to the Local Community and Society

HIS is supporting the next generation of students by offering corporate visits and internship opportunities inside and outside Japan, dispatching lecturers to schools, making charitable contributions to the creation of special courses, and jointly developing tour packages.
The Quest Education program fosters in children vital skills for life. Targeting middle, and high school students at 197 schools nationwide, it is a program we are actively engaged in as a corporate sponsor. In 2018, we partnered with Rikkyo University to launch a course on the “power of travel” that focused on psychology, and in 2019, we worked with Komazawa Women’s University to create a course entitled "Career design in the tourism and hospitality industries."
By contributing to career-based education, we are creating opportunities for budding students to learn about the charms of travel and take a greater interest in our world.

  • Lecture at Komazawa Women's University
    Lecture at Komazawa Women's University

Vitalizing Japan through a partnership with academia to create courses about the power of travel
Mr.Takashi Oguchi, Ph.D. Professor,College of Contemporary Psychology, Rikkyo University

After revealing my research plan of the psychological aspects of travel, HIS approached me with an interest in funding the research to vitalize Japan through travel, and they went on to endow a unique course.
In 2018, the first year of our endowment courses, we had scholars and guests from the front lines of a range of global fields, such as noted hotel chain owners, take the podium for lectures. This year, in the second year of these courses, we zoom in on topics from the vantage point of insights offered by both researchers and practitioners. This trial allows students to obtain a multi-polar understanding of the subject of travel.
Learning about psychology while tying it into one’s own experiences aids understanding and fosters curiosity about the subject, enabling people to achieve their full potential in the future.
Seeing the way HIS staff work together towards common goals and go beyond established frameworks to try something new is truly inspiring.
I am confident they will continue leveraging tourism psychology and the charms of travel to give back to society in a significant way.

Photo by : Ms. Kuniko Hirano
Photo by : Ms. Kuniko Hirano

Developing charitable plans through sales of powerIncreasing Employee SatisfactionContribution to the Local Community and Society

HTB Energy is pursuing a new approach to power by supporting people’s lives with clean energy that emphasizes coexistence with nature. In July 2019, we launched the "Musubi Project", an electricity contract plan which enables subscribers to make charitable donations.
Through this project, we offer an electricity plan at the same cost as local power companies, while taking 4.5% in "Musubi fees"* and giving it back to partners (the non-profit organizations "Kamonohashi Project" and "HERO"). This allows customers to act as charitable contributors and continuously support people in need around the world. We will continue offering energy sales that are people- and Earth-friendly and that contribute to a brighter tomorrow.
*Musubi fees are the collective amount of electricity costs and a deposit per a price calculation that is unique to the Musubi project.

Towards zero food wasteIncreasing Employee SatisfactionContribution to the Local Community and Society

"Minatoku ", a new company under the HIS wing,launched a new service in February 2019: the No Food Loss coupon app, which aims to resolve a growing social issue around wasted food*. Downloading the application allows the user to receive notifications from convenience stores and retailers we partner with about potential food waste and to obtain products at a discount.
Part of proceeds from this service are contributed to the Non-profit organization "Table for Two", which donates funds for food supplies for children in Africa and Asia.
By eliminating food waste through our business, we intend to curb CO2 emissions and resolve social issues like disparity in availability of food.
*Food that is comestible but is discarded due to packaging that is no longer seasonally appropriate or food out of the intended sale range

CSR Themes

  • Expansion of the travel marketExpansion of the travel market
  • Practice of diversity and inclusionPractice of diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Contribution to the Local Community and SocietyContribution to the Local Community and Society