We are promoting diversity and inclusion in order to create a thriving workplace for all.

Diverse ways of working and promotion of D&IPractice of diversity and inclusionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

HIS is pursuing work-style reforms in order to create a workplace that enables diverse talents to shine.
After launching our "side job" system in May 2018,approximately sixty people to date have filed for use of this system in order to engage in a wide range of activity. In addition, our telecommuting pilot project had over 100 participants and enabled us to identify key issues to launching it as a full system.
We created a D&I promotion office within our human resources department in May 2019 and are using this to pursue a range of D&I initiatives to make our workplace more inclusive for everyone. By promoting ways of work and a workplace culture that enable diverse talents to feel at ease and perform at their best, we can in turn meet the needs of a diverse clientele and create and provide services they find memorable.

Employee awareness surveysIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

Since 2013, HIS has conducted employee awareness surveys of all personnel. The final question asks, "On the whole, would you say that HIS is a fulfilling place to work?" This number saw a 1.2 point YOY increase to 50.5%. However, this percentage has largely remained unchanged over the last several installments.
Following popular request from personnel, we implemented a process in 2019 to further share feedback from the upper management throughout the company in order to foster better communication.
We also continued revamping our benefit and humanresources systems. Seeking to become a company where it is fulfilling to work, we actively listen to the feedback of each employee in order to improve our workplace culture and share with all involved our new policies and initiatives as a company.

  • Employee awareness survey
    Employee awareness survey
    *Average score of all sections of the employee awareness survey

Bring your family to work dayPractice of diversity and inclusionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

HIS hosts an annual “take your family to work day” at which employees' families can visit our office and see how we go about our work.
In the Kanto region, we offer tours of our head office,talks with officers of the company, and hands-on experiences at the travel counters and hotels we operate, allowing children to have a clearer idea of the work their fathers and mothers do. In the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, we host tours to see the FC.
Imabari soccer team, a local club that HIS sponsors,and children act as escorts at games, as well as try their hand at being tour attendants. They also get to see local companies and learn more about how HIS works closely with each region.
We plan to continue offering public and private opportunities for employees’ families to learn more about our work.

  • Checking in at the Henn na Hotel
    Checking in at the Henn na Hotel
  • Group photo at the soccer stadium
    Group photo at the soccer stadium

Allowing family to better understand the workplace
Ms. Seto HIS employee's family

I visited my husband’s workplace along with our child. When we toured the offices, employees in each department explained their role intuitively to the children, making it interesting for even those of elementary school age. It was so neat to see my kids taking the initiative for the trial work events, such as carrying pamphlet racks and making the beds in the hotel. Our children are now more interested in the subject of work, and they actively talked to my husband about his line of work after we went home.
This event was a great experience for employees and their families, so I hope there will be more opportunities like it.

Ms. Seto and her daughter

CSR Themes

  • Expansion of the travel marketExpansion of the travel market
  • Practice of diversity and inclusionPractice of diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Contribution to the Local Community and SocietyContribution to the Local Community and Society