We continue to pursue improvements to our services and quality of our products in order to bring the utmost in satisfaction to each and every customer.

Planning and sale of
domestic and international charter flightsExpansion of the travel marketContribution to the Local Community and Society

Seeking to bring travel to more and more people,HIS develops and sells a range of domestic and international charter flight programs departing from nationwide airports in Japan.
At major airports with regular international route service, we expand the travel possibilities by offering charter flights to destinations with no other direct routes, allowing us to meet diverse customer needs and provide greater convenience while driving demand for new destinations. We are also increasing the charter flights available in order to allow more passengers to enjoy uninterrupted travel during peak periods like the year end and new year, Japan’s Golden Week holidays, and the O-bon holiday.
Golden Week in 2019 was unusual in that it was a 10-day holiday, which led to considerably more demand than other years, so we prepared a number of charter flights to meet this uptick.
For airports lacking enough regular flights to certain destinations, we are planning and selling more domestic and international charter flights to make overseas and domestic travel more accessible to people. Our proven performance in charter flights at various airports has been critical in developing regular flights to select destinations and expanding the travel market so as to make these charter flights more viable.

  • VietJetAir departing from Niigata Airport
    VietJetAir departing from Niigata Airport

Three generations enjoy our charter flight service
Mr. Jun Sato

I saw a commercial for HIS on TV and learned about a flight they offer from Sendai Airport to Da Nang in Vietnam. I had always been interested in Da Nang, but there were no direct flights out of Sendai Airport, so you had to either do a layover somewhere in Asia or stay overnight in Tokyo for a direct flight. I found myself choosing other destinations because of the inconvenience.
Now that we can depart from my local airport in Sendai and go directly to Da Nang, we took the opportunity to visit.
We went with my parents and our children, so being able to take a single flight all the way to the end made things much easier. As a result,the trip was relaxing and restful, and it became memorable one for my family.

  • The Sato family, who utilized one of our charter flights
    The Sato family, who utilized one of our charter flights

Developing travel insurance that eliminates
the anxiety associated with early bookingsExpansion of the travel marketIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

HIS has partnered with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company,Limited, a part of the MS&AD Insurance Group, to develop HIS Cancel Support* (offered starting February 2019) as a means of alleviating customers’ concerns prior to booking and departing on international trips.
In recent years, ticket bookings for overseas destinations are offered at more competitive prices the earlier the booking is made, but these often come with cancellation charges that apply immediately when the dates are changed or the booking is canceled.
This has meant that the burden of urgent cancellations for overseas travel has been borne by the customer. We decided to develop and launch a travel product that is the first of its kind in that it covers cancellation fees, and many customers have now elected to use it.
We plan to continue making travel more convenient and comfortable through the HIS Cancel Support package.
*Rider on overseas travel insurance/travel plan change expense compensation(increased scope of applicable grounds for payment) and rider on exclusions on suspended payment after departure

Working with travel professionals to develop new products tailored to the times
Mr.Soutetsu Natsuki Manager,Aerospace & Transportation Department & Manager Section2 Tokyo Commercial Business Division 2nd Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

The process of developing this product began when we were approached with the question of whether it would be possible to develop insurance to cover travel cancellations caused by extenuating circumstances. The goal was to enable people to feel more at ease to book flights, knowing that insurance has them covered. We spent three years with HIS to refine the concept and carefully analyze and break down the various causes for cancellations. We are confident that this product meets today’s consumers’ needs. It is unusual for a new product to hit the market to such acclaim -- many customers have told us that it has eliminated their concerns with making travel arrangements. We feel is has helped resolve a larger issue in society. Going forward, we want to continue jointly developing new insurance products that can help foster increased demand for travel. It is our hope that these and other products will promote tourism at large.

Global safety & quality managementIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

HIS manages both quality management and safety vehicular operation to ensure that our customers can embark on a journey with total peace of mind.
Specifically, we have created a set of proprietary safety and quality assurance standards, and we host symposia on compliance with these standards,engaging the operators we work with to abide by these rules.
In addition, we focus on quality and safety management training for our overseas subsidiaries,inviting Japanese-speaking tour guides and safety management representatives from each countries for training workshops. Moreover, our Japanese CS representatives visited HIS overseas subsidiaries to perform vehicle inspections and check the safety management systems in place, and organized further training and guidance to our personnel. HIS, which has 69 overseas subsidiaries worldwide, will continue to pursue thorough safety and quality management to ensure that our customers will want to use our services again and again.

  • Guide training in HIS Bali branch
    Guide training in HIS Bali branch

Normalization of travel insurance agreementsPractice of diversity and inclusionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction

H.S. Insurance has created a “code of conduct for the promotion of diversity” and lists it on its official website. In 2019, we revamped the terms and conditions of our domestic and overseas travel insurance agreements and updated our products to include same-sex partners as eligible for service as spouses,as well as created a more universal design for customer-facing documents. We plan to continue pursuing various normalization initiatives to ensure that all guests can use our services with peace of mind.

Universal tourism initiativesExpansion of the travel marketIncreasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee SatisfactionContribution to the Local Community and Society

HIS is pursuing universal tourism initiatives in order to create contexts in which people of all types can freely enjoy travel at any time.
We have a specialized task force with social welfare personnel and supervisors, and staff certified in sign language and universal manners, allowing us to bring a wide body of skills and expertise to the table in helping customers, be it traveling with a wheelchair or receiving a guided tour in sign language.
In 2019, our “8-day tour of Ancient Greece and Meteora, a heaven's place (wheelchair and cane accessible)” tour product, in which travelers were accompanied by dedicated staff in aid vehicles and stayed in barrier-free hotels, won the Tour Grand Prix.
Furthermore, our “4-day Rehab in Okinawa” package won the Japan Tourism Awards and garnered considerable acclaim in the travel industry.
We plan to continue providing a range of travel opportunities that allow people of all ages and ability to enjoy tourism.

  • In front of a Greek temple
    In front of a Greek temple
  • A view of the “4-day Rehab in Okinawa“tour
    A view of the “4-day Rehab in Okinawa“tour

Expanding one’s worldview through travel
Mr. Daiya Sato

After becoming paraplegic, I thought travel was out of the question, but after attending a workshop for the “rehab travel” package, I realized a trip would be a chance to test my limits.
I now take part in this tour every year because it lets me see how much more I have achieved with each passing year. I needed some help getting up the steps to Shurijo Castle the first time, but I was gradually able to do it myself. Today, I’m even able to ascend the steps before others and be ready at the top to take a photograph. I am so grateful to the HIS staff who accompanied us on this journey. They looked over us but gave us our own space, saying, “Feel free to walk where you like -- but if you struggle, just call out. We’ll get a wheelchair ready.” In many cases, assisted travel tends to emphasize avoiding risks, but this in turn restricts what travelers get to do. I hope more companies will learn from HIS’s lead and take a more flexible approach.
Taking part in the tour has given me more confidence, and I can now even board a plane unassisted. I also met someone at an HIS event who has toured the world with a wheelchair.
You really get a sense that HIS brings the fun of travel to people everywhere. I plan to continue doing my best to take on new challenges.

CSR Themes

  • Expansion of the travel marketExpansion of the travel market
  • Practice of diversity and inclusionPractice of diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Increasing Employee SatisfactionIncreasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Contribution to the Local Community and SocietyContribution to the Local Community and Society