• Making customers happy

    Making customers happy

    We continue to pursue improvements in our services and quality of our products in order to bring the utmost in satisfaction to each and every customer.
    - Planning and sale of domestic and international charter flights
    - Developing travel insurance that eliminates the anxiety associated with early bookings
    - Global safety & quality management
    - Normalization of travel insurance agreements
    - Universal tourism initiatives

  • Linking the world

    Linking the world

    Promoting intercultural exchange through tourism and vitalizing local economies.
    - Conveying the charms of Japan to people around the world
    - Bringing Japanese cuisine overseas
    - Vitalizing local communities through our global network

  • Making employees happy

    Making employees happy

    We are promoting diversity and inclusion in order to create a thriving workplace for all.
    - Diverse ways of working and promotion of D&I
    - Employee awareness surveys
    - Bring your family to work day

  • Supporting local society

    Supporting local society

    Our goal is to coexist in peace with the local community and contribute to the creation of a richer society.
    - SAKURAMACHI Kumamoto opens
    - Promotion of a public business
    - Contributing to the sustainable development of society through tourism

  • For the future

    For the future

    We are actively engaging in a range of talent training and social initiatives in order to bring up the next generation and support the achievement of a sustainable society.
    - Industry-academia partnership
    - Developing charitable plans through sales of power
    - Towards zero food waste