CSR approach

Katsuhiko Sakaguchi,Chief Human Resources Officer
Katsuhiko Sakaguchi,
Chief Human Resources Officer
We treat CSR as two core approaches: creative CSR and core CSR. We pursue both simultaneously in order to achieve our corporate philosophy.
Creative CSR involves solving issues of social importance and creating new value for society, and in turn contributing to world peace through our business. We believe that our day-to-day activities should themselves constitute CSR of social significance.
One key mid-term goal is the expansion of the travel market and the practice of diversity and inclusion (D&I).
By contrast, our core CSR approach revolves around our responsibility to increase customer and employee satisfaction and contribute to the local region and society, so we are steadily pursuing initiatives across those three vectors.

To work in accordance with the principle of Nature and contribute to the creative development of humanity and world peace.
To work in accordance with the principle of Nature and contribute to the creative development of humanity and world peace. *enlarge

H.I.S. group materiality

The H.I.S. group of companies is serious about the issues of global importance outlined in the SDGs. To that end, we have set a series of issues of key interest vis-a-vis our resources and the feedback and expectations of stakeholders. We will continue using the PDCA cycle to pursue greater cohesion and collegial teamwork throughout the organization.

H.I.S. group materiality
H.I.S. group materiality *enlarge

Corporate governance structure

The H.I.S. group pursues a range of CSR initiatives as part of its corporate governance in order to act as a trusted ally of stakeholders and fulfill our social responsibility in accordance with our corporate philosophy. We continue to pursue better corporate governance so as to achieve sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value in the medium and long term.

Commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
UNWTO:The World Tourism Organization

H.I.S. has been a signatory member of this code and promotes its awareness within and without the organization since September of 2014. The code is intended to promote a responsible, sustainable tourism industry by eliminating exploitation (particularly of children) in the travel industry, protecting nature and the environment, providing accurate information to travelers, protecting the basic rights of workers, improving the value of cultural assets, and doing work that is of benefit to the destination country and society. Governments, the travel industry, local societies, travelers, and others engaged in the tourism industry voluntarily undertake this code of ethics.

global code of ethics for tourism